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Produced in Boulder, Colorado, Crop To Cuisine reminds people that improving our communities and our world should be a pleasurable, affordable, and delicious experience. While the program is designed to educate the public about the problems of safety, sustainability, and the economics surrounding the food we eat, it's emphasis is to provide our listeners with easy and accessible solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into daily life.  

For people all over the world, food is the most unique aspects of daily life. Without even knowing it, food plays a central role in defining our professions, traditions, lifestyles, and beliefs. It is the next best thing to a time machine, capturing age-old family traditions, and determining the future health of our planet. 

Reconnecting with our food through localism leads to better choices, a healthier community, environmental sustainability, and stronger economies.

The best part - there are many easy ways of incorporating localism into your food choices. And that is what Crop To Cuisine is here to help with.

We report on what local farmers, ranchers, activists, and movements are doing in the way of providing healthy, sustainable, and humanely raised delicious food in your community. And even go so far as to provide cooking  ideas and recipes for the average consumer.

Locally produced food is the freshest, tastiest, and least harmful to the environment. Supporting localization keeps money circulating in our communities, and ensures the safety of our food supply. We can eat our way towards economic stability, human health, and delicious delicious environmental sustainability. Join us on radio stations around Colorado, and on the internet, to find out why for once our stomachs should be doing the work for us. 

Crop To Cuisine is produced around food issues specifically pertaining to Colorado, and therefore is primarily broadcast on radio stations in the Rocky Mountain region. The program is also featured through Global Public Media - a media distribution effort designed for a "Post Carbon World", and is available for podcasting and download.   

Creator and host of Crop to Cuisine is Dov Hirsch. Dov made his way to Boulder, Colorado from Washington D.C., where he attended college, worked in Communications Law, and volunteered for WAMU, an NPR affiliate station.

His entry into radio journalism and production fueled his pursuit of a Masters Degree in Media Studies at The University of Colorado.

Finding KGNU Community Radio in Boulder, like so many others, Dov began producing content for the station. It wasn't long before he was teaching radio journalism to adolescents in the community, and joined the Overdub youth program as a mentor and instructor. His commitment to youth and community engagement through media can be seen in a number of publications, lectures and speeches given both in the U.S. and abroad. Today, he sits on the board of Mile High Youth Media, an organization committed to improving the youth experience in the Denver Metro area through the power of media.

Dov is not a trained chef, nor does he have extensive experience working in the food industry. It is a lifelong passion for every aspect of food, coupled with a commitment to community development that brings him to Crop To Cuisine.