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Think we're doing a great job here? Or perhaps we've got it all wrong. Either way, we'd like to know what you think. Email your thoughts, opinions, and rantings to feedbag@croptocuisine.org. Your message will appear under the "people have spoken" banner. All postings will be anonymous. If you would not like us to post your correspondence, please indicate so in your email. Use the phrase "I think" in the subject line. And don't forget to tell us where your from.


Read comments from our supporters below.



I listen to food programs from all over the country. This was very informative...
-Denver Metro Area

I am very very excited and happy that you are doing this...This is very exciting, timely and extremely important...
-Southern Colorado

Very well done, and I will definitely continue tuning in...
-Boulder, CO

I really appreciated Crop To Cuisine. I find it difficult to keep up with all the latest developments in how our food is developed. I found it very helpful...

-Denver Metro Area


Its like listening to the BBC

-Boulder, CO


Absolutely incredible, very inspirational

-Littleton, CO




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